Wednesday, August 13, 2008

6 mos and counting

i once thought that i'd use this blog to supplement for the baby book i have yet to i realize just how hard it is to get two hands free long enough to type an entry or two.
so, in lieu of blog entries...what have my two hands been doing all these mos you ask?!

they've been holding you and changing you and feeding you. they've been playing the role of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and also the role of "Thumpkin" and any other hand song i can think these truly are your favorite to date. they have been covering both sets of our eyes to the tune of "peek-a-boo" ...another big hit. they have also been tickling your giggle button (currently located in your sternum just above your xiphoid process...see my brain is still working on occasion). Right now, the are tapping the little bottle of lavender essential oil (that you are currently playing with and throwing on the ground...that is between typing). and now they have just switched to nursing you...leaving me here to practice, again, the art of one-hand typing.
so 6 mos have passed ...some of the longest days but the fastest mos. your personality continues to're chill at times (taking after your mama :) or maybe your pops), especially when you're in a baby carrier (which we now have 7 of...jeeze)'re very persistent and if we don't hear you one way, you'll say it louder and louder yet (i think maybe you get this from your dad...or maybe from jed). you are so curious about the world, and thus have given up on sleeping (both at day and at night) with your pursuits of kicking, pulling, babbling, and now sitting up. you have been on three trips out of co, and seemed to dig the plane rides (i have a feeling this is a direct correlate with being in the baby sure do like to be held). you now have two teeth (which made their appearance at about 5 mos), and have started to eat food (rice cereal at 5 1/2 mos). your favorite so far seems to be sweet potatos or maybe cooked peaches. we've been trying to make all of your own food so get you used to our cooking at a young age (maybe you won't complain this way :)). we just recently got back from a trip to nc. you got to meet your aunt sue and uncle tim and your cousins savannah and ben, see your grammy and grandpa and meet lots of other friends/ aunties and uncles. you also got to enjoy many other firsts on our trip...first slip and slide, first time at the lake, and first time on karaoke. here are some pictures of our trip.