Sunday, January 30, 2011

the song about green grass

saturday morning in colorado. there was sunshine vs. snow, thus we got our hiking gear together and headed out. on our way to the trail head we were listening to our local station's (KGNU) bluegrass hour. a favorite saturday morning tradition at our house (or in the car). we were telling will that it was bluegrass hour (vs. a cd we were listening too). he bopped along as he usually did and looked out the windows searching for tractors, tanker trucks, or steam spilling clouds out of the cooling towers. (scenery in the city isn't quite as thrilling for me, but will certainly digs it).
after a nice hike and a stop at yak and yeti's for some Himalayan lunch, will put in his request from the back seat. he often requests froggie went a courtin' by either doc watson or bruce springsteen, but instead he requested "that song about green grass." chad and i couldn't figure out what song he was talking about so we kept asking for more details...
will: "you know's that song...the green grass song"
finally after many rounds of this, chad and i clued in to the fact that he wanted to listen to the blue grass hour...and the green grass song was as close as he could describe it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i see a baby in there

will is working on becoming a big brother. he announced his news not too long ago, and continues to announce it regularly. (like the other day- the glorious day- when he went pee on the "potty" and we called chad (my effort to make an even bigger deal about decreasing the number of diapers in our life). i handed will the phone to tell chad the big news. will proceeded to tell him that i had a baby in my belly.

it's at the front of his mind, and he's constantly asking questions and wondering about things to do with the baby. today he was wondering if the baby could come with us to the zoo. and then later he was looking into my belly button.

will: "mom, i see her...i see her tail...i mean i see her penis...i just can't see her eyes"

he hasn't yet asked about how the baby got in there, but he was asking about chad and i going on a date tonite.

will: "mom, what's a date"
me: "it's when dad and i get to go out all by our selves and do stuff"
will: "oh kiss and stuff"

(where does he get this?!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sweetie of a fish

im coming to realize two things:

-maybe will and i are spending too much quality time together
-maybe i use too much sweet jargon, and i need to toughen up my lingo a bit
so will got a fish for christmas. "otto" came from the uncle carl clan, and was a surprise (oh great :)) new pet....but one we've come to embrace (although we've had to check for floating fish more often than we'd expect b/c of limited movement, and are a little concerned otto has a teenage eating disorder w/ some form of bulimia)

anyway...will sure does like otto.
on day #1 of having him we got home from the store.

will: mom, what my fish name again?
me: "otto"
will: "oh that's right"
will: "otto, i missed you when i was at a store"

on week #2 of having otto, we went to feed him. will opened his lid and started to smile and talk to him.

will: hi you want to eat sweetie
me: (oh crap, do i really talk that way?? i need to toughen will's lingo up a little, and then take a lesson myself)...(after some regrouping, and quick thinking, i thought i'd model some better "otto language")
me: (to otto) "hey dude, you want some food?"

will: (shaking his head and cocking it to one side) mom, his name not dude, it's sweetie!