Tuesday, September 15, 2009

cookies for will

packing for our trip to mn was a bit much--- mostly b/c of the whole food thing. who knows what kind of dairy and gluten free options there would be in Gaylord, MN, so there I sat packing and planning out meals just like I was counting out enough socks and underwear for the trip. I decided to try to make some teff flour peanut butter cookies for will as an easy protein snack. never having baked with teff flour, I wasn’t really too concerned. what’s not to like about peanut butter and maple syrup cookies everything mixed in well, though the batter turned a dark brown, which was different, but not too concerning (to me at least).
will watched me, and even helped with adding ingredients. I tried to really play up how great they were going to be (aka, please-eat-these-my picky-eater-of-a-toddler-who-has-had-the-stomach-flu-and-hasn’t- eaten-much-in-5 days)

me: “yummm, these are going to be soooo good”

will: looks at me, and looks at the brown batter

me: finger dipping good, “yum” tasting the batter and offering will a taste

will: shaking his head no, and starting to look a bit concerned

me: “this is really good buddy” (as I take another taste of the batter)

will: turning his head to the side and really looking concerned

me: what’s wrong little man?

will: (with a look of pain and pointing to the dark brown batter I have on my finger that is headed towards my mouth) “poop?!”

me: (oh crap, he thinks I’m eating poop---after all of our recent talk about pooping on the potty, and not playing with the poop---let alone eating poop) “NO, NO, this isn’t poop”

will: (head cocked to one side- looking a little less concerned, but still worried) “dirt?!”

me: (oh no, he’s never going to eat these cookies now….though I still make one last attempt at salvaging the situation…) “no, this isn’t poop or dirt, these are mommy’s special cookies she is making just for you…”

will: shakes his head no and walks out of the kitchen to go play basketball.

me: argh. 20 minutes later, the hardened turds, or mud pies (depending on how you see it) came out of the oven…rock hard. now I don’t even want to eat them, and certainly I can’t pass them off on my gluten deprived husband, let alone my toddler who we are encouraging not to eat dirt or poop. dang.