Monday, March 31, 2008

william's growing up...

here's a link to our picasa web album to see william in his various stages. we'll keep updating it over time with new pictures and videos. enjoy...we sure are enjoying this little guy.

william "Green" pearson

so william is named william gregory pearson, but with the latest trend for "green" living, we should have considered "green" as his middle name. chad and i strive to live a green lifestyle in the ways that we can, and we've always hoped that we can bring will up to have the same types of values that we share. come to find out, he's the one teaching us, or rather making us implement some "green" living...

1. walk places, don't drive. (william HATES his car seat...thus we walk everywhere that we can---darn that green living)

2. limit water use by cutting down on showers (william keeps me busy all day long, wanting to be held, bounced, fed, changed, burped, etc...there's no time for frequent showers, thus---i'm becoming greener in more ways than one)

3. hang clothes to dry (so in our quest to use cloth diapers, it turns out the best way to get rid of the stains...and william makes sure to stain to hang them on the line)---works better than any other chemicals and it cuts back on our dryer use (and we do a lot of laundry these days). (my bff actually turned me on to this tip---but william keeps us doing it)

4. get lots of exercise. (william forces us to use the yoga ball for over an hr. each day---dang that boy loves to bounce)

5. drink lots of herbal tea. (come to find out mother's milk organic tea with fennel seed and fenugreek are good at helping keep up the milk supply...that boy loves the milk supply)

so in our quest to be raising will with our values, it turns out he's already part of this green generation. william 'green' pearson.

will's driving me to drink... that is. never have i been a coffee drinker before, but alas, i had my first cup 2 weeks ago, and haven't turned back.
we've been going to vic's on most sat. mornings for almost three years, and each time i order a raspberry italian soda and a scone. chad has his coffee and scone. now we have included william in our ritual. he rides in the sling or baby carrier and we all walk downtown. two weeks ago, chad was dumbfounded when i ordered a coffee...a latte to be exact (espresso). i just craved it. kind of like the way i craved fried egg sandwiches for dessert during my first trimester (crazy i know). ...i craved it, and it was there's no turning back.

the biggest news...especially for those of you who have spent the night at our house, we even got a new coffee maker. for years chad has been surviving with our old coffee maker that has no pot (i broke it years ago). we've (rather he's) been using our pyrex measuring cup as a replacement. it's been a bit ghetto...the coffee brews into it, but doesn't stay warm, so then needs to be reheated in the microwave. i always feel like a silly host when we have people stay over and they want some coffee. i serve them out of our glass measuring cup.

then again, i've never made a pot of coffee in my life...other than that pot i tried to make at will and jess's house...chad walked in on me, pouring the water through the actual ground coffee beans...beans and water spilling over---weak coffee, full of grounds, cold.

no wonder i never liked coffee...

until now.

on the blog again...just can't wait to be on the blog again

so it's been a month and a half since i've written. i've been composing in my mind, but just haven't gotten around to doing anything more than that, and in the midst of sleep deprivation and new mom brain mush, i've forgotten most everything. well there's still a little left in there....a very little :)
i figured since i'm not good at baby book types of things, the blog can be will's baby book of sorts. who knows, but for now, this is it.

happy babyhood little will.

and since one of your namesakes is willie nelson (don't worry we won't call you willie), and the title of this blog is such, here's a youtube little treat ...from willie nelson "on the road again"'s to some good living.