Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 10 Things...

Top 10 Things that are Harder being Pregnant:

10. Breathing
9. Eating or drinking without spilling
8. Getting out of things like bed or the car or off things like the couch
7. Sneezing or laughing without piddling
6. Eating large meals (darn it- there's just no room)
5. Traveling in Boston, or really anywhere i have to schlep things and go multiple places
4. Sleeping through the nite (and i hear this will get tougher once the baby comes...huh...sleep has always been one of my skills)
3. Drinking enough water ("enough" is such a relative term)
2. Tying my shoes (i really thought pregnant ladies were joking when they said they couldn't tie their shoes--and my husband still thinks i'm joking when i employ his help)
1. shaving my bikini line, or for that matter seeing it at all...

Top 10 Things that are Wonderful about Being Pregnant:

10. We're having a baby!
9. Feeling him move (it's really bizarre, and a bit uncomfortable, but really wonderful too)
8. I've gained over 20lbs and my husband keeps saying how cute i am
7. There's always a conversational piece for friends, strangers, and everyone in between
6. We keep getting loot (though we don't know what to do with it all yet, it's pretty amazing how generous people are)
5. People want to rub my belly, and it's actually a good thing
4. I get to take the lil' guy to work with me, actually...he gets to go everywhere i go at this point
3. I get to take naps after work and don't feel guilty
2. My husband has been cooking dinner and doing all kinds of other stuff around the house
1. We're having a baby!

last weekend get away?

chad and i keep hearing that once the baby comes we won't really get to have the weekend get aways that we have come accustomed to throughout the last 7 years together. we're still not sure that we're willing to believe or accept this, but we took some advice and planned a weekend get away. thanks to chad's parents for some birthday and christmas money and wendy's advice to go away vs. get any more 'stuff' we decided on devils thumb ranch. for those of your in the colorado area, we would highly recommend this place. it's like a rustic resort. the cabin we rented was beautiful and simple, and other than the heated floors, the basket of fresh baked goods on our porch in the morning, the feather topped bed, i just loved the claw foot bath tub. we need to get one of those at's delightful!
anyway... the ranch had trails for hiking (not quite enough snow for snowshoeing or skiing yet), an amazing restaurant, and this indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub. the great part is that we were practically the only ones there since it was off season and mid week, so it was quiet and as if the whole place was ours. we thought the pool and hot tub would be romantic, but the hot tub was too hot for me and the pool was too cold for chad, so we waved to each other from across the deck and tried to hear each other over the jets :) ...chad had a great soak and swimming in warm water was lovely for me.

some pictures from our trip...

our late nite hike (we'll it was really only 6.30, but considering we went to bed by 8, it was late nite)

near the ice skating pond

Our Cabin...isn't she cute!

the fireplace in the restaurant

only in colorado do you see a caution sign like this...

30 weeks and counting

as of 11/ 30 (which is in 2 days) i'll be 32 weeks, but here's the last belly picture we took...

he's a growing boy...

travels from a pregnant lady...

my last flight as a pregnant lady was to a conference in boston. if i dare toot my horn briefly, i can say i was proud to have a talk accepted at our national conference (pre-pregnancy) not really planning for the fact that i'd be 30 weeks pregnant and traveling to the east coast. i decided to go for it, as i was sure i'd be fine. i took the 6.20am bus to the airport, got on the plane, and got into boston about 2.30 pm. i found my way to the bus and took it to the closest stop to the convention center. i'd been traveling for several hrs. and was a bit tired, but thought i could catch a talk or two before heading to the hotel. i met "jenni" on the bus who was going to the same place so we decided to try to find the convention center together. we got of the bus and tried our darnedest to find our way.

me: (thinking to my self) my back kind of hurts, and my suitcase is too heavy...while making light hearted small talk to jenni.
jenni: "i think we should go this way"

me: "ok"

boston: abrupt torrential downpour as jenni and i are on the street corner.

jenni: "i'm glad i brought my rain coat"

me: "darn, this umbrella wasn't broken before" (wind howling, me and my luggage soaked)

jenni: "lets run for it"

boston: walk sign read "don't walk" ...horns honking as jenni and i ran across the street

me: not really running, rather hobbling, my suitcase spiraling around & splashing thru puddles, my umbrella in hand but flapping in the wind.

boston street corner: friendly business men pointed us in the opposite direction to the convention center we had just walked away from vs. towards.

jenni and i: laughing at ourselves, a bit wet, and a bit disgruntled (at the pregnant one of us was).

...despite boston's inconveniences, her multiple subways and buses to get between my hotel and the convention center, her large convention center with sparse bathrooms for pregnant ladies, her long cab lines and expensive cab fares, her bone chilling wind and wet air, and her crazy drivers (our bus did a 6 point turn one day), it was a good time. my talk went well (though i did get winded after talking for 2 hrs and having a baby up in my ribs- jeez). i saw some amazing talks and was inspired all over again, and i got to see great friends (see laura below). ...and now i have funny stories (seems that i collect these without much trouble), and good memories.

...until next time boston...

chads birthday

i've been a negligent blogger lately. i can say life has been busy, what what in the world will be my excuse once the baby is here and life gets that much busier?!

anyway...i thought i'd post a picture of lil' pearson's first nite of gambling. we had a poker nite for chad's birthday, and although our friend lisa took money from the birthday boy and most everyone else (go lisa!), lil' pearson's mom ended up breaking even. ...maybe she had some pity for the pregnant lady who stayed up until 1 am (way past my bedtime these days).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

what will they think of next...

in our birthing class one of the couples was sharing what they got for their shower, to include a very funny, appropriate (yet not so appropriate) onesie...

...what will they think of next....

Saturday, November 10, 2007


i just received this from a friend of a friend...if it had happened to me, i may have ended up having security called on me, and maybe even topless at DIA ...

The following just occurred as I went through security, after a long line, at Denver International Airport:

TSA official: Ma'm, what is in this bag?
Me: A breast pump
TSA: Is there breast milk in here?
Me: Not yet – I just left home. There are ice packs.
TSA: I need to get a supervisor.

5 minutes later…

TSA supervisor ("Elvia"): If there is no breast milk, you can't take the ice packs.
Me: So you're telling me that if I had a half an ounce of milk in the bag the ice packs would be fine?
TSA: Yes ma'm.
Me: Well hand over the pump and I'll get you your half ounce.
TSA: I can't do that ma'm. That would be indecent exposure.
Me: Oh, I assure you I can be very discreet.
TSA: No ma'm. If you want to pump, you need to go back out of security with all your bags and then come back through the line.
Me: (increasingly annoyed, of course) I will miss my flight if I do that. Just hand me the pump and I will be 3 minutes.
TSA: No.
Me: (unbuttoning my shirt) Fine. I don't need a pump, I will just squirt a little into a bottle.
TSA: I am going to call security if you continue.
Me: Boy, you guys are really keeping the homeland safe, aren't you? You should be very proud.
TSA: If you say that again, I am going to call security.
Me: So if I say that again, you'll call security and if I try to pump, you'll call security. All because of two ice packs. Brilliant.

Needless to say, I gave up the ice packs. And to think that these guys are trying to unionize? God help us all.

Friday, November 2, 2007

diaper changing suit

it's hard to believe that my husband, now 34 years old (happy birthday honey) has yet to change a diaper in his life. in a few short months our little one will be going through 10-12 diaper changes a day (so the research says & my husband LOVES data). i've had some practice through the years with all of the baby sitting i've done, having younger cousins (especially with andrew-thanks for the practice 'bean man'), and now recently with friends and siblings having kids (though i won't lie, i haven't changed all that many as of the past few years). this will be a skill we'll need to pick up on the fly, and really perfect it quickly...the late night delirious changes will be toughest i'm guessing. i'm hoping that will be the ones that chad becomes especially good with. ...we're going to try to do the cloth diaper thing...which may stifle the learning curve a little.
despite chad's utter lack of experience (no offense honey), i have no doubt he'll become a quick study (he does have his phd after all- that's got to be worth something doesn't it?!). i decided for his 34th birthday that a diaper changing suit would be just perfect. it's breathable, water proof, footed, and pretty easy to take on and off- right over his clothes. it can even be sprayed down on the fly.

...the best part about it (for him) is that when he's not on diaper duty (that's a diaper in his hand), it'll work in the creeks and rivers around town when he's off fly fishing.