Thursday, September 30, 2010

night time

will has regressed a little at night time (or in his eyes, maybe he's progressed). he's become a master at stalling bedtime, and drawing out each step along the way. he insists on using his pj's to practice his dunk shot, he runs in circles until he's so dizzy he falls down, and he insists on "brushing his teeth" himself (not a quick or thourough project).

now that he's talking more, he engages in conversation to delay things as well.

routine: pj's, brush teeth, read books, sing night night song to everyone important (tonite he sang to animal crackers or "cookie animals" - which he's only had twice in his whole life, but they left an astonding impression i guess).

in bed...

will: "no mommy leave:
me: will buddy, it's time for bed, close your eyes
will: ...will get sad"
me: you're okay buddy, you have your blankie and your bear, now nite nite
will: "mommmmmmmy....bear is a toy?"
me: hey buddy, it's time for nite nite, bear is your animal to hold when you go to bed.
will: "mommmy....(entrance)....will feel better now"
me: oh good, now go nite nite
will: " sleeping on the couch?"
me: no buddy, i'm in my room
will: " sleeping in your bed?"
me: (from downstairs) nite nite buddy...
(silence...for now...)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


will's 2 1/2 and started his new preschool last week. he's been doing great there. no tears (amazing!) and engaged (from what we hear). he does still have his binkie and blankie, and it's still his main stress reliver. then again at his last preschool he figured out how to milk the system and somehow hold on to these prized items most of the day. this time, i was sure to ask ms suzi to limit it. she has the great little wooden hour-glass timers, and thus will can pick his timer and sit in his 'quite' spot for a minute or two. on day #2, ms. suzi, looked over at will, holding his timer at an angle (so as to conspicuously buy himself a little more time!). he initially gave her a sweet, eye-batting look, and once she gave him an 'i caught you' smile...he started giggling as well and turned the timer back up on the table.


chad and i definately have an affinity for chickens. we had a few of our own when we lived in carrboro. we raised them from chics. we built them a coop. we let them free range during the day...that is until carter (our cat) got out. jed (our bird dog) was pointing at carter as he mounted the chicken and rode around. another hen came to defend her sibling, and carter took the defense as and opportunity, and then mounted her. all the while, jed held his point. what a bird dog he is.

anyway...we do love chickens; however, will has not taken to that same affinity. when he was 18 mos or so, we took him to a farm in MN. as we were gathering eggs, the hen started squaking and flying around the hen house. will started screaming, dropped his eggs and ran as fast as he could (with only 3 mos of walking experience under his belt) out the door of the hen house. he hasn't yet forgotten this. today we went to sunflower farm, and for the 3 hrs we were there, will was occupied with the location of each and every chicken..."no chickens hurt will!"

we kept talking and talking about chickens not wanting to hurt people. just as we were leaving, we were watching a hen dig a hole in the ground for roosting. she looked at us and got startled by will and ran away.
me: "look will that hen got scared by you"
will: "yeah?"
me: "and you are the one scared of her"

will: .............."that funny"..........
and then he went back to his "no chickens hurt will!" chant.

Monday, September 13, 2010

language development

will: "that fun"
us: "do you want SOMETHING ELSE?"
will: "yes please"
will: "that good"
us: do you want to try SOMETHING ELSE?
will: "yes!"
will: "will want more"
us: "you want SOMETHING ELSE?"
will: yeah!
will: "moreelses"
chad: "huh?"
will: "MORE ELSES please"
chad: "huh?"
juli: "he wants more of our something else options, thus MORE ELSES please"