Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wills preparation

will can't wait to be a big brother (so he thinks). He was asking me in the car the other day "Mom, when's the baby going to pop out? I can't wait any more!" He's been practicing pushing his stroller "for when I'm a big brother" and today at the park, he practiced pushing the swing, and even doing it underdog style "for when I'm a big brother."

In the lines of potty training, Will has decided he should wait "Until I'm a big brother" to tackle that one...and now this is his excuse when he doesn't want to sit and try "well, I'm not a big brother yet" (oh jeez)

He's also decided that the binkie fairy will wait to come (to take away his binkie and take it to babies in need) when he's a big brother. We tried to sweeten the deal by telling him the binkie fairy can get him a toy of his choice once she takes his binkies. Will is already on the prowl to figure out what he wants. The other day at Naturally Loved will found a parking garage that he wanted the binkie fairy to bring him. We took a picture of it so that we would be able to send it along when needed. (seemed like a fine choice to me) Then yesterday, we were leaving preschool, and will wanted to show me Maren's shoes. Black, patent leather, mary jane sandals, with a bow. He really likes Maren, so I figured this was why he made such a big deal to show me her shoes. As we left he said:
..." week...when the baby pops out...and then I'm a big brother...and the binkie fairy comes...I want for her to bring me that parking garage...and those Maren's"

there she is all her glory...