Saturday, January 30, 2010

will's two

Happy 2nd Birthday!
We thought we’d start a tradition of writing you a letter as part of your birthday celebration each year to remind you what an amazing part of our life you are(thanks soulmama for the idea, from her book the creative family). Some of my favorite memories of the last year have included our camping trips in the mountains of Colorado and then our trip to Canyon lands, Utah (you were such a snuggler in Omi and Grandpa’s tent trailer. You love to hike (“all by yourself”---or sometimes in the back pack). You still love the ergo carrier best, because it allows you to be held right close to your mama. You sure love to cuddle and still like to be held (even though you’re “2” and like to do a lot of things by yourself too). Your favorite word is “up-please” which is typically 2 words, but not in your case. In the last two months, your language has really exploded (your speech therapist mama loves this) and you have such wonderful ways of communicating. You still speak wonders with your gestures and are able to communicate most everything, including your favorite Christmas story which you tell over and over…about how you saw Santa “ho ho ho” on the fire truck “up up up” and he lost his “hat”…but found it on the ground (gesture)…and how you wanted to ask Santa for a “football” (you got nervous and bailed, but then we sent him lots of mental messages and you got one after all)
You are an observer, and think deeply about most anything, even at such a young age. You are creative and love to draw and do art (aka “ark”). You especially love to draw a “football” and a “bat.” You make up new games, and have a very particular way of playing. For example, you’ll have me stand still, throw me the football, and then you take off running…when I chase after you, you go “under” my legs and squeal in delight….
Books are another favorite of yours. You like to “rock” and read your books. Some of your favorites include: Hug, Have you Seen My Cat, Gossie, The Peace Book, Everyone Poops and The Feelings Book. You play basketball like a champ and have spent many hours perfecting your jump shot. You love hanging out with your Omi and Grandpa (aka “Krakow”), and love to build “Frosty” whenever it snows (whenever you say “Frosty” you hum the song that goes along). Your also quite silly and love to tell jokes (about not wanting apples…”nooo”…), and you love to be tickled. “Didi” and blankie make you feel better, and you pass along a blankie rub (under the nose) to those you love (including Carter the cat).
There are so many wonderful things about you. You’ve added such depth and simplicity to my life. My heart is so full of love for you it sometimes takes my breath away. I’m so glad you’re in my life. You make me a better person because I want to be the best mama to you.