Friday, December 21, 2007

clean up on aisle 2...

so i'm not sure how i thought it was a good idea for me, the pregnant one, to be on beer and wine duty, but there i was picking out holiday beer at the local liquor store. i found some wine and was perusing the holiday beer in the back coolers. the ones i was looking at were on the top of the cooler, so i had the door open and was standing on my tip toes. when i finally got the one i wanted, i shifted a little and so did several rows of beer. luckily my reflexes were quick & i stood there holding up about 7 bottles from several rows. no one was around, so i was trying to carefully set them back upright. i managed to save them from falling out of the cooler and off the top shelf, but wasn't quite satisfied as many were on their sides. so i went back in for more and ended up toppling over several more. the clanging brought the attention of a few other customers, who gave (me) the pregnant lady on her tip toes, buying bottles of wine and beer....a somewhat dismissive look. (being pregnant and in a liquor store does bring on some funny looks)...finally i got several of the bottles back in and with my forearm i got them back in their sides....and quickly closed the cooler door. by time i got up to the counter, i admitted my near disaster to the man behind the checkout, and told him there should be a 'clean up' in the beer aisle called, because the next person to open the cooler door, may be in for a surprise. luckily the guy was not only a father, but a he knew a bit about pregnant ladies. he offered to help me out to my car and the commented..."if you knew how fat and clumsy you'd become, you may have rethought this whole thing." i laughed and said, no kidding...then i thought, i've never been called both fat and clumsy, let alone thought it was somewhat compassionate, but in a weird way, it made me feel better that he understood.

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