Monday, May 12, 2008

pump up the volume

there were a lot of things that i though would be 'hard' in terms of being a new mom...lack of sleep, exhaustion, soreness, frustration with a crying baby, and such. these things seemed to come with the territory, but one i never really realized has to do with pumping.
today in particular...i switched cars with chad and so i had his truck. i unfortunately have to pump either on the way to or the way home from work. read right...pumpin' and driving'---if i were a hip hop fan, maybe i could write some poetry about this, but for now, i'll just fill you in on the dilemma.
so driving my car while pumping, makes it hard to pull up next to a big truck, that can look down and see everything from above. there's not really much to see except for tubes and wires, but i f i could turn up the volume...and someone had no familiarity with would really sound like some funky torture machine...or something. so to keep the commentary at bay...i strategically have to pull up so that im right next to someones trunk so i don't have to get a look in from the passenger window wondering what in the world?!?!
so now to chad's truck. who would have known that his stick shift comes so close to the power adapter that you can't shift into first and/or third while the pump is plugged in. it's hard to drive without using those critical gears. so me...on the way home...
pump...pump... plug...
pump...pump... plug
thank goodness for fourth and fifth gear and green lights

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