Wednesday, September 15, 2010


will's 2 1/2 and started his new preschool last week. he's been doing great there. no tears (amazing!) and engaged (from what we hear). he does still have his binkie and blankie, and it's still his main stress reliver. then again at his last preschool he figured out how to milk the system and somehow hold on to these prized items most of the day. this time, i was sure to ask ms suzi to limit it. she has the great little wooden hour-glass timers, and thus will can pick his timer and sit in his 'quite' spot for a minute or two. on day #2, ms. suzi, looked over at will, holding his timer at an angle (so as to conspicuously buy himself a little more time!). he initially gave her a sweet, eye-batting look, and once she gave him an 'i caught you' smile...he started giggling as well and turned the timer back up on the table.

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Bob Hansel said...

thats awesome! what a clever, cute, little guy!!