Tuesday, June 21, 2011

getting closer

almost 37 weeks and this baby seems ready to pop. my belly button has officially been an "outie" for a few weeks now (will it ever go back?!), and i can see waves of movement across my midsection both day and night. luckily no blood pressure issues (phew- peeing in the bottle for 48 hrs about killed me last go around), and other than being tired, crampy, refluxy and moody, im really just plain great. :)

will has been reading books about the baby and what to expect. we've also read him some about how the baby is made (the dad has the sperm and the mom has the ovum and they fit together like a puzzle piece). the other day at the store, will busts out with "mom, do you have a sperm in you?" i (discretely) tried to remind him that i'm the one with the ovum...for some reason he found that hysterical...and belted out "silly mom, you have the sperm in you!"

we're planning to (eventually) have will and the baby share a room. we've painted the walls green, and hung a tree decal on the wall. there are two (red- will insisted) owls- "one is the baby and one is the big brother." eventually will will have a loft bed and a 'tent.' despite all that, he's most excited about sleeping with the baby. i've tried to prep him that she'll need her mom a lot for the first few months, and that she'll sleep with me. to that will has responded "well she probably needs her big brother...she can sleep with me when she's littler, and then you when she's bigger."
he's got a plan for everything.

the baby ideas are showing up in his art work too. the other day he drew a picture and described it all to chad. it included a "a vacuum/ lawn mower mixed, a dad and baby bee, a mom bee sucking the fire truck, a tent with a tunnel out of a tent, a golf course and (of course) an umbilical cord...."

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Deirdre said...

So great! What an expressive little man you have. I can't wait to meet his little sis.