Monday, August 22, 2011

why "Ruby Adelle"

several years ago, the hackensaw boys came out with the song ruby pearl...i loved this song and loved the name ruby. when we found out we were having a girl, chad (and will) joked that we'd name her after patsy cline. (no such chance would i have my daughter's initials be "pee pee"). after much debate...ruby won the hearts and seemed fitting that she was born in july (ruby is the birthstone), and destine to be our spunky child (as will is our mellow, gentle soul). we debated a middle name. wanted to carry on the wisdom and legacy of a former generation, but didn't have a name we loved. we listened to gillian welch during most of labor, and so 'gillian' was a close choice for the middle name, but it didn't quite fit. once ruby was born we came upon adelle. certainly from a former generation, full of wisdom and antiquity. we came to find out it meant 'gentle' and 'kind' and nicely off set the red spunk of ruby "a sister of pearl whose feet are kicked up on the dance floor" (so our name book read). i had loved the name 'del' when we were thinking of boy names, and have always enjoyed the del mccoury band. music was such a part of chad and i coming together, especially with bluegrass and the start of our relationship in north carolina. we had great times at festivals and music venues all around. i even became a clogger (and performed at fiddlers grove and the eno river festival- my claims to fame!--imagine where i could be now if we stayed in nc?!) to fully embrace the north carolina music scene, in the only way i could.

(ruby, that's your clogging mama in the middle there...:))

thus having a name that has music roots fit well. ruby adelle, we love you so.

(for a good can see me and the "mighty wind" as chad lovingly referred to us as)

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