Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the sling...how we love the sling.

the sling has been one of the most wonderful things i've used in the past 2 mos. will loves being snug as a bug in it, and i love that i can have a hand or two free. we do most everything with the sling...go for walks, take naps, make lunch, write emails...heck, even type blogs.

yesterday...we did some self portraits with the sling allowing for a free hand to hold the camera.

not so bad ehe?!

p.s. thanks to my bff for her sling tutorial. it was wonderful. i have never been so stumped by a piece of material (okay...maybe with sewing i have, but i'll save that for another blog)...and then been so appreciative for the freedom a piece of material can give....especially with a baby who loves to be held...and held...and bounced...and held some more.


Anonymous said...

yeah! you guys look so cute. xo-w

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