Tuesday, April 1, 2008

slip, slip, slippery

i had never heard of astroglide...that is until my most recent dr.'s appt. it was a 6week post-partum follow up, with my dr. that i adore. the one that delivered will...waited patiently with me as i pushed for 4 hrs., checked me for dilation by candlelight in the birthing tub.
anyway...at my 6 week f/u she further discussed a topic i hadn't researched much on during my reading about birth and babies...that is
sex after childbirth.
for whatever reason, it never even crossed my mind that it could be different. thus she explained the healing process down there....and it inspired this poem (in honor of nat'l poetry month).

Slip, Slip, Slippery
(what can i say but...sorry Shel Silverstein) :)

"It's sore down there," so my Dr said,
"You'll notice both in and out of bed..."

"...Your boy was big, the space stretched out,
you complained quite a bit, but did not shout..."

"Now listen up, I'll tell you just what
It takes time to heal, despite no cut."

She said, "The kicker, it is just this,
you'll need some slip to feel the bliss."

Then she said, "For the best slip n' slide,
the one I'd choose is called Astroglide."

"Ok" i said... "that sounds okay
I'll stop at the drug store on my way."

"It's not there" she said, while exiting the door,
"You'll find what you need at the SEX store."

"The SEX store?!" I asked. "Why heavens sure,
they'll know what it is, and it'll be the cure."

Well now the dilemma, comes to mind right away.
Do i bring Will in, or in the car seat should he stay?

thank goodness for mail ordering, for i saved will from his first sex shop experience. i feel like maybe i could have been arrested....i guess i could have brought a dr's note. heck at least i could have nursed in public without any concern whatsoever of any other patrons complaining of indecent exposure.

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