Wednesday, November 5, 2008

bye bye red truck

chad's done it. he's said farewell to his toyota truck. the truck that he bought back in college (15 some years ago)...the truck that took him cross country many times...the truck he'd strap his surf boards to and drive up and down the coast at the break of dawn, to find the perfect wave. the toyota that he could take all apart, and actually put back together (though it sometimes took days and we ended up with extra parts on our kitchen that came out, but somehow didn't get back in). the truck that symbolized freedom and Independence, is now gone. poor chad.
...sorry honey.
at least we didn't trade it in for a mini-van. (not yet at least)
for now, we'll enjoy the long as we can find it in the parking lot...with the tens of other subaru's. we are officially boulderites.

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