Sunday, November 9, 2008

multi tasking always seems like such a good idea

too bad chad loves science so much, as he'd really make a good house husband.

i, on the other hand, am not turning out to be such a good housewife. on the two days of the week i'm home alone with will, i'm always primed to get all kinds of things done. instead...chad gets home and i have food prepped all over the kitchen, laundry piles all over, a half of an email written on the computer screen, half the floor swept, piles to sort get the picture (maybe i'm exaggerating a little bit...but still).
i'm beginning to wonder if i haven't had a brain injury at some point in my life. my patients who have brain injury commonly complain that they can't get anything completed...they start tasks, and then get side tracked, and then don't end up finishing much at all...i'm always biting my tongue from saying..."hey, me too!!!"--though i guess that's not what they want to hear from their therapist.
...i typically write it off to just being a new parent, trying to juggle a baby all day... then today i get home from work after chad and will have spent the day together. laundry is folded, work articles were read, they hiked, went to rei, went to radio shack, had lunch in the park, and took the dog for a walk. what the heck!? then come to find out will slept...not one...not two...not even three...but OVER three hours. what the heck?! no wonder so much was done.

i not only married a great house husband, but also a baby whisperer.


Melissa said...

Damn, three plus?! Sena did that with Steven on Saturday, too! And, if Chad watched Will as much as you do perhaps his skills would diminish. I mean, its beginners luck, right?

Melissa said...

P.S. I didn't mean to say that Chad doesn't watch Will... sorry Chad!