Tuesday, June 30, 2009


so we went camping. will's camping trip number 2 (of his life). we borrowed the 'mondo condo' (not really the name of this particular sierra designs tent, but i liked that name, and condo it was). the tent was an '8 person, stand-up-and-have-a-square-dance-in kind of tent.' my aunt, whom we borrowed it from, was quite concerned of what my (somewhat) minimalist husband would think. we got lots of warnings that it was 'big'...'really big'...and that 'it might not even fit on the designated campground flat.' (this is quite an upgrade/ downgrade from our 2 person back pack tent that you can barely sit up in) well, regardless, we took it...and to be honest, we fell in love...chad actually spoke the words "i could get used to this." we filled up that 8 person tent in no time flat (see figure 2). we used the organizing sleeves and compartments, we spread out our gear...jed had his own little area...we had blankets everywhere, and sleeping bags, etc. we even put will's little tent inside of our big tent. he had his own little sleeping bag (thanks for the loan melissa) (see figure 1), and it was just lovely. i do need to back up and say lovely, but a little wet. don't get me wrong, the tent was very water proof- sierra designs makes great rain flies. it was wet from the inside. will was so excited about the tent, so much so that while changing his diaper, he hopped up and ran around to check it all out. he got so excited he started to pee (kind of like when his mom laughs (or runs, or coughs, or sneezes)- she pees- ). the problem was that it wasn't just a little piddle, rather he never stopped looking (aka "turning") all around so he sprayed all over. i yelled to 'stop, wait, let me grab a diaper.' in the midst of my yelling, i startled him to tears (so now if he's not potty trained by age 5 b/c of being yelled at for peeing standing up, you will all know just why- poor little guy). though all and all, it was funny...mostly b/c it wasn't my sleeping bag that got peed on, it was mostly jed's blanket (see figure 3) (poor, poor jed) and the inside of the tent (sorry aunt sara- though to our credit we did wipe it down with some baby wipes).

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