Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wiping the babysitter?

so we don't get out much. (it's still my new year's resolution to find a baby sitter other than omi and grandpa, and heck it's still 2009 isn't it). we did however get out tonite. omi and grandpa came over to watch will and put him to sleep. all went well from what they said. but as they were leaving omi mentioned that will "helped her go to the bathroom" with a smirk. i mentioned, 'yeah he does follow me up there quite often'...but she proceeded to note, well he actually HELPED me go to the bathroom. come to find out, there was will barging in...on a mission, pulling off pieces of toilet paper, and shoving them down (yes, through her legs) into the toilet...and pulling off more...and then shoving them down (yes, through his grandmother's legs) into the toilet.
jeeze, the things this kid is picking up on. some of them, maybe not so appropriated, but we sure do laugh a lot.

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