Friday, October 23, 2009

bad mom moment #457

i'm still getting over a head cold, which is really no excuse, but heck, i'll use it.
i can honestly say that because of the cold i had no sense of smell (ahh congestion).

will and i had been indoors all day. by around 4, the sun came out and so did we. ready for our dose of vitamin d. we took the stroller to the park, but i decided to leave the diaper bag behind (bad idea). we got there and played for a while. will was headed up the steps with another little girl his size. her mom came over to watch her.

her mom: "pew, someone smells like poop, is it you honey (to her little girl)," as
she did the mom honored, look down the pants move. "huh, no poop?!"

me: (i hope i didn't just pass gas)

me: (wait a minute...what if will is the one who smells like poop...he did make some grunting sounds after lunch (hours ago))

me: (doing the mom (dis) honored, look down the pants move. (CRAP there is dried poop coming up his back, from who knows when?!))

me: (trying to keep my composure) "will honey, let's climb down the stairs so we can go home to change your diaper"

her mom (overhearing me): (bringing me a diaper and ziplock of wipes) "here you go, you can use these"

me: (feeling pressured to stay at the park and change him (bad idea #2) ....realizing, that he had dried poop EVERYWHERE, and here we are in the park with a borrowed diaper and ziplock of 3 DRIED wipes.)

will: (naked in the park, climbing all over me)

me: (trying to dodge the poop and wipe him off with whatever moisture was left)

her mom: (trying not to stare)

me: (wishing she wasn't starring, as i might have spit into the wipes to add a little moisture--- still dodging poop)

me: (not smelling a thing, wondering if his shirt smelled like poop, and wondering how much longer we'd have to stay)

me: (handing the wipes and changing pad back to her mom) "sorry we got a little poop on this"

her mom: "no problem...i hope the wipes were okay, we've had them in our stroller for over a year"

me: (for the love!) "no problem, thanks"

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Melissa said...

not sure if you were the only one having a bad mom moment. who is honest about having old wipes in a stroller for over a year?!