Tuesday, December 29, 2009

beep beep

will is now almost 23 mos old. although he's not as chatty as some of his girlfriends, he sure figures out ways to get his point across.

with the holiday season upon us...
we read 'twas the night before christmas' every night for about a month leading up to christmas. he would 'read along' by saying 'brrrr' when we got to the part where the children were nestled in bed (under their covers), and he'd "meow" and say "cat" when we got to the page of santa hanging out with the cat eating the cookies...then he'd point out the toys in santa's bag, and then say "football?" wondering where the football was (...as this is what he asked for from santa). my favorite was when he'd get to the page w/ all the reindeer (...on dasher, on prancer, on comet and blitzen...) and admire their horns (aka antlers), cock his head to the side in thought and then belt out 'beep beep' (they are 'horns' after all aren't they).

here are some holiday pics...

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