Sunday, January 30, 2011

the song about green grass

saturday morning in colorado. there was sunshine vs. snow, thus we got our hiking gear together and headed out. on our way to the trail head we were listening to our local station's (KGNU) bluegrass hour. a favorite saturday morning tradition at our house (or in the car). we were telling will that it was bluegrass hour (vs. a cd we were listening too). he bopped along as he usually did and looked out the windows searching for tractors, tanker trucks, or steam spilling clouds out of the cooling towers. (scenery in the city isn't quite as thrilling for me, but will certainly digs it).
after a nice hike and a stop at yak and yeti's for some Himalayan lunch, will put in his request from the back seat. he often requests froggie went a courtin' by either doc watson or bruce springsteen, but instead he requested "that song about green grass." chad and i couldn't figure out what song he was talking about so we kept asking for more details...
will: "you know's that song...the green grass song"
finally after many rounds of this, chad and i clued in to the fact that he wanted to listen to the blue grass hour...and the green grass song was as close as he could describe it.

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