Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sweetie of a fish

im coming to realize two things:

-maybe will and i are spending too much quality time together
-maybe i use too much sweet jargon, and i need to toughen up my lingo a bit
so will got a fish for christmas. "otto" came from the uncle carl clan, and was a surprise (oh great :)) new pet....but one we've come to embrace (although we've had to check for floating fish more often than we'd expect b/c of limited movement, and are a little concerned otto has a teenage eating disorder w/ some form of bulimia)

anyway...will sure does like otto.
on day #1 of having him we got home from the store.

will: mom, what my fish name again?
me: "otto"
will: "oh that's right"
will: "otto, i missed you when i was at a store"

on week #2 of having otto, we went to feed him. will opened his lid and started to smile and talk to him.

will: hi honey...do you want to eat sweetie
me: (oh crap, do i really talk that way?? i need to toughen will's lingo up a little, and then take a lesson myself)...(after some regrouping, and quick thinking, i thought i'd model some better "otto language")
me: (to otto) "hey dude, you want some food?"

will: (shaking his head and cocking it to one side) mom, his name not dude, it's sweetie!

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Melissa said...

That is absolutely hilarious- especially imagining you saying, 'hey dude'!