Wednesday, February 16, 2011

she's a she

will and chad were right (or at least as correct as the ultrasound tech. will didn't even seem phased by the news (he already knew it was a girl). he continues to use chad's desire to name the baby after a country great, to tease his mama.
will: "mom she's patsy" (aka patsy cline)
me: "noooo she's NOT patsy" :)
will: giggling..."mom, when she pops're gonna figure it is say 'IT'S PATSY!'"
me: "noo...i'm not going to figure it was patsy"
will: "actually it will be patsy" (more giggling)
(will's favorite new words..."actually" and "figure it" ...)

when we were driving home in the car last nite will was asking me about the baby.
will: "mom, when is the baby going to pop out?"
me: "it'll be a while yet"
will: "i can't wait for the baby to pop out"
me: "what are you most excited about"
will: "for her to play basketball with me...she'll be a defender"

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