Friday, October 5, 2007

jed on the bed

jed just knows something is up. he follows me like a shadow (given my poor balance and depth perception these days, i've almost tripped over him on multiple locations). whenever i look up from what i'm doing he's staring at me in the most intense and adoring manner. not sure that he really knows why, but something's definitely up. he even listens better. we were on a walk the other nite and his return rate when called was near 100%- never has it been this high. he seems to also know that i'm becoming a bit more of a push over. last nite when i got home from work to lay down for a little while, he just hopped up in bed with me, as if it wasn't a big deal. for those of you that don't know, jed doesn't get on furniture (at least not when we're around) and he NEVER sleeps with us (expcept on vacation, or at uncle carl and aunt sara's when he sleeps with my cousin kelly). maybe 'never' is the wrong word, but it's really atypical that he'd just hope right up in bed. and then, late last nite i woke up to go to the bathroom, which has become a new ritual, and noticed he wasn't on his dog bed. i wandered a bit and found him sprawled out snoozing on our living room couch. what's up with this? i think maybe he does know that his ranking is soon to be challenged and he's trying to step it up a notch when i'm most vulnerable. maybe he's not quite the 'dumb jock' we've always thought...or maybe he is, and i'm just becoming more and more a push over.

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