Saturday, October 27, 2007

weight loss tip (especially good for pregnant folks)

there are so many seemingly great diets out there on the market. i hear about all of these fantastic south beach recipes and eating canadian bacon and eggs for breakfast with the results of pounds flying off. i've always had the philosophy that i'll eat pretty good and run a few times a week, and things are fine. we'll, i'm still able to run...rather jog, but after about a mile or two my bladder is full and starting to leak, and it throws off the whole thing (let alone i sneeze or laugh as you may have read about on previous posts). i do still eat pretty good, but i've abandoned eating my spinach salads for lunch, as pregnant ladies (at least this one) have enough problems with gas, that my poor afternoon patients would be in for way to much.

anyway...a friend of mine jen recently introduced me to a weight loss plan that i could actually participate in, while being pregnant. ...imagine that, weight loss while pregnant (and i'm not talking about the first trimester weight loss plan that involved eating saltines, and throwing up on a regular basis, as that weight loss plan pretty much sucked)...i'm talking about an actual healthy weight loss plan for pregnant folks (or anyone for that matter). the only problem with doing it now, is that i wont be able to join during the post baby period of trying to cut down the pounds. oh well...what the heck....i joined in yesterday...and my husband noticed right away (well acutally when i picked him up, he got in the car and it took him about 2-3 minutes to notice, but that's 'right away' for him...)

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Anonymous said...

man, i am so jealous. i have to get mine cut asap. - w.