Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a morning in the life of a pregnant chic...

my day started about 4 am when i got up to get to the bathroom. jed was comfortably sleeping on the couch upstairs, and i didn't have the heart to make him get off, so i peed and made my way back to bed. after multiple hits of the snooze button i sifted through all of the many pillows that now live on our bed, and got up. the bathroom mirror never ceases to amaze me each morning of a reminder that 'oh my word am i looking big and pregnant' ...not that i forget, but just that im amazed i don't always fit in the mirror anymore.
on my way to work i get a call from 'leslie's boutique' telling me that my order for the cloth diapers can't be shipped b/c the zip code doesn't match. she thought maybe it was a typo, but actually i had somehow given her the totally wrong zip code...that of my parents in charlotte, nc. (no real idea why i gave that one, but just did--- maybe it was kind of like when i was giving someone my name the other day and they asked for the spelling, and i replied "j-u-l-i-e" ...first of all they were asking about my last name, and second of all i don't spell my first name that way---or maybe it was kind of like the waitress that asked me if i knew whether or not the baby was a boy or girl, and after i said "boy" i automatically asked her "what about yours" (she was NOT pregnant at all, and wasn't a bit amused, but my absentminded question).
anyway...so on my way to work, i was warming up with the heat, and then went to turn the radio down...about 60 sec later i realized i was getting cold and the radio was still loud. come to find out i turned the heat down to 'cool' and never adjusted the volume. it was 45 degrees out and i was driving to work with the a.c. on and the music blasting.
i sneezed a few times and piddled my pants.
i went to do an observation of an evaluation session. it was the set up where there was an observation room outside of the evaluation room with a mirror that you could see through from the observation room. a baby monitor was set up so that you could hear what was happening from the observation room. i turned on the monitor and couldn't believe how quite the sound was. so quite, that i had to put the receiver right up to my ear and sit close to the window so as to also read lips. this proceeded for about 10 minutes, until someone came into the observation room and suggested i turn up the volume. "...oh ...yeah...right...that's much better"
i know i've been accused of being a little ditsy in the past, but i really don't think it was this freakin' bad...or was it?!

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kathryn said...

LOL! I hear you get your brain back after the kid is weened! I miss you all!