Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentines day

will is 2 weeks pics have been added.

valentines day...chad got us tickets to see john prine and emmy lou harris at red rocks in june. can't wait. not sure yet if will will join us for his first show...but he does like music so far.

john prine is a favorite of ours and at one point we wanted him to be a namesake. prine pearson wouldn't really work as the initials "pp" would certainly be a bad thing...especially in second grade or so. low and behold john prines dad was named william, so that works. other namesakes include willie nelson- another country great

william strong (chad's great grandfather). mimi (chad's grandmother) was very dear to us. she passed away back in march. if we would have had a girl, mimi would have been somehow tied into our little guys name, but since he's a boy, her fathers name fit well.

william is also a good friend of ours from nc...who when he gets in trouble his name sounds like "weeum"...which im sure our little guy will get a little of.

good will. strong willed. happy valentines day dad.

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