Tuesday, February 12, 2008

motherly wisedom top 10 list

top 10 magical things i've learned in 11 days (it really does take a village...)

10. cabbage leaves applied to the breasts are magical for helping with engorgement (will my husband EVER look at me the same?!)

9. tank tops with holes in them are amazing for ease of breast feeding (my dr. likened them 'stripper bras' ...not only did she sit with me through 4 hrs of pushing, then she can make connections like that too :))

8. floridix (iron supplement) is as good as a blood transfusion...but just takes a week to work

7. the yoga ball...magic for a bouncing baby boy...chad is really the master of this...let me add the bathroom fan as well...magic last nite so chad discovered.

6. the miracle blanket is truely a miracle

5. karma does exist. we had such a hard time getting home from the hospital and arrived home to our neighbor randomly bringing us dinner (not knowing we'd just had the baby) another neighbor shoveling the drive, and a huge package from my bff's friend (we don't even know her) full of cloth diapers and clothes. (like 100--or something close). i've never seen chad gitty about clothes, let alone diapers. he'd get frustrated when will would poop in one b/c he'd say 'that was my favorite' (no laundry for 3 days :))

4. clogged tear ducts are normal (this isn't really magical, but we were worried newbie parents)

3. meals. pure magic. friends from work spoiled us rotten. it's amazing how that helps. since my blood was so low, i've even gotten steak dinners out of it. magic.

2. trameel. arnica. magic for healing the back.

1. motherhood/ parenthood and trusting ones instincts. magic.

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