Friday, February 8, 2008

will is 8 days old!

all is going well and we’re enjoying lil’ will’s first week of life. it's been the most amazing yet hardest week of my life for sure. since the labor and pushing took such a long time, my uterus had a hard time contracting and i lost 1 ½ liters of blood, and threw my back out to boot. it’s made the recovery feel long, but all-in-all one week later i’m doing so much better (there've been lots of good stories over the last week, but no energy to write about them...more to come). chad has been amazing. because i haven’t been able to be up and moving around much, chad has figured out diaper changing, swaddling, and even breast feeding (not with himself, :) but how to best position and adjust for me). not to mention he’s been at my beck and call for food, meds, and anything else I need day or nite. other than being so appreciative of his help, it's been amazing to watch him become a dad. the other morning i sat nursing and just cried tears of joy thinking of it all. chad woke up to me sobbing, and jumped up ready to help. all i could say was i was so happy and proud of us...and so in love.
anyway...all of his caretaking has ended up in some crazy dreams and midnite actions...from taking care of 10 babies crawling everywhere, to swaddling and shushing the cat (the cat was in disbelief).
we feel so spoiled by thoughts and calls, and yummy meals and lots of warmth from friends and family. this boy is already so well loved. we sure are in love with him. it really does take a village...

new pictures have been added!

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