Monday, August 16, 2010

lifes changes

life always feels busy, but it's been a particularly busy 6 mos. chad on the job market...50 applications (phew) yeilded 6 interviews (phew!), and 4 job offers (PHEW!). we visited laramie, wy, amherst, ma, minn,mn, and denver, co. we looked at 50+ houses, i meet with 1 or 2 job potentials in each place, we visited daycares and preschools, we went for runs on trails, and short hikes around town and the outskirts...all trying to figure out what felt like 'home.' it's hard to figure out what feels like home when we like our current 'home.' we went back and forth, and back again. finally we (aka chad) created a spread sheet. i developed a point system 1-2-3 based on good, better, best, and then chad went through and ranked each variable (aka, the size of mosquitos were certainly worse in minn, but the quality of schools should perhaps have a little more value). finally we narrowed it down to denver vs. minneapolis, and were just plain stuck. hence, we debated each variable, reweighted and then crunched the numbers.
Minn, MN =104.5; Denver, CO =104.5 "NO FREAKIN' WAY" wonder the choice was so hard. Thus we asked Will.
Us: "Where do you want to move Minneapolis or Denver"
Will: "Denver."
Us: "Denver or Minneapolis" (just in case the order had any factor)
Will: "Denver."

...hence, we are moving to Denver. ...and we all feel happy about that. will someone come and buy our house, so we can actually make the move...

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