Monday, August 16, 2010

singing and playing

will cracks us up with his instant love of guitar. he can turn most things into an instrument, and his one of choice is the 5 string. he bee lined for a guitar at the rec center's annual garage sale, and even though it's more suited for a 7 year old, he plays it like a champ, tunes it in between songs, and taps his foot all the while. when grammy was in town in may, they went to pearl street, and he loved watching all the street musicians with their wears...when he got home, he decided that he needed a bowl in front of him when he played music, and that we needed to empty any and all change into it while he played. an entrepreneur at hear. he also loves stages. in may we went to see martha scanlin (of reel time travelers) at gold hill inn. he liked seeing her play, but he may have enjoyed singing and playing with sena on stage almost as much.

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