Monday, August 16, 2010

Seattle and more

we had a lovely vacation in seattle and on the coast of wa. will grew a few inches, and his verbal skills seemed like the doubled. it's amazing how much kids change when they are on a trip...or maybe it's just that we were paying more attention.
we talked a lot about the trip and what we'd do. he was most excited to see the "fish throw over guys arms" (the fish mongers at pike market, who throw fish). on the way to bainbridge island, on the ferry, will kept looking in the water...asking about the "fish?"...kept looking...kept looking...
finally he cocked his head and asked "fish throw over guys arms?" and i realized, he was looking for the fish throwing show to be out in the ocean. :)

luckily he wasn't too disappointed when we actually got to pike market.

some highlights:
will loved playing the drums at the EMP museum...and used the whole 10 min allotment in the sound proof room.

he loved the tide pools, but did NOT like the tide coming up ("NO WAVES, NO WAVES, NO WAVES"--while chad's heart broke). he loved watching the clam holes, until he somehow thought they would crawl up and get him ("no hurt will") and then decided not to walk near the clam holes (which were every about 5-6" apart along the entire beach- "hold me, hold me, up please"). he loved getting buried in the sand, and having a bonfire every nite (aka marshmellows). his favorite part was the ladder in our cabin, and when asked if he wanted to go to the beach, hike in olympic nat'l park or go for a bike ride...will would respond "climb a ladder." thus, we stopped asking his opinion. we cooked great food, and will loved making 'rice balls.' will fell in love with our friend becca...though he's got his dad's knack for not recalling names and he'd keep saying "this guys name?" (at least his dad gets gender right). one day at the beach,
will: "ball please"
me: "bummer, we didn't bring a ball with us"
me: "honey, we don't have one"
will: walks over to me, points on the ground, and pretends to pick up a ball. "bat there" (pointing for me to pick up the pretend bat)...
...chad and i slowly caught on that will was orchestrating a pretend baseball game, since we didn't bring the real gear. moments later, chad was running after will's home run, as he rounded the bases through the sand, and i stood at the pichers mound, stuneed by our 2 1/2 year old, that doesn't seem to be my little baby any more....but sure is fun to play with, and always brings just the right toys.

here are some pics from the trip...


Anonymous said...

That is amazing. Lovely story. (Amy Maddox)

Brad Burleson said...

We sure do miss you guys. Love all these stories!