Friday, November 2, 2007

diaper changing suit

it's hard to believe that my husband, now 34 years old (happy birthday honey) has yet to change a diaper in his life. in a few short months our little one will be going through 10-12 diaper changes a day (so the research says & my husband LOVES data). i've had some practice through the years with all of the baby sitting i've done, having younger cousins (especially with andrew-thanks for the practice 'bean man'), and now recently with friends and siblings having kids (though i won't lie, i haven't changed all that many as of the past few years). this will be a skill we'll need to pick up on the fly, and really perfect it quickly...the late night delirious changes will be toughest i'm guessing. i'm hoping that will be the ones that chad becomes especially good with. ...we're going to try to do the cloth diaper thing...which may stifle the learning curve a little.
despite chad's utter lack of experience (no offense honey), i have no doubt he'll become a quick study (he does have his phd after all- that's got to be worth something doesn't it?!). i decided for his 34th birthday that a diaper changing suit would be just perfect. it's breathable, water proof, footed, and pretty easy to take on and off- right over his clothes. it can even be sprayed down on the fly.

...the best part about it (for him) is that when he's not on diaper duty (that's a diaper in his hand), it'll work in the creeks and rivers around town when he's off fly fishing.

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