Thursday, January 24, 2008

24 hr urine sampling...

at the dr. yesterday...i was given 2 jugs (one is pictured above) and told i needed to collect 24 hrs. of urine...100% of my urine...yes, even in the middle of the nite (which is about 4 samplings worth). i initially thought, "huh...this will be a little convenient" the reality set in.
so i realized soon after i got home that the toilet water is pretty high and the jug won't just hover in the toilet as i collect the sample. so i've had to de robe, and de sock and instead hover peeing in the shower. the first sample went okay, but then i remembered that i have to store the jug in the refrigerator after each sample. sick. it's not really what i want to see when i'm going for a snack. second sample came to be when i realized the urgency to pee didn't give me much prep time. i had to go get the jug, de-robe, de-sock, and then the worst part was the plastic jug (the rim in particular) had gotten cold from being in the fridge. i therefore didn't hold it quite as close and thus pee went everywhere. the clean up process was a bit more intensive, but at least i was in the shower. i broke open our pack of baby wipes for the clean up, used a couple and threw them in the toilet (are they allowed to be flushed?...something tells me maybe the answer is 'no'---dang it). trial 3...sometimes i don't have to pee, rather it's the other one (#2), but then the pee comes out anyway...i just skipped this sampling all together. there are some things i'm not willing to do in the shower.
trial #4 (it's not even noon yet)...i've finally got the process down...quick de-robe, de-sock, and press the cold plastic rim...firmly...for a good sampling. phew, done. thought we were out of toilet paper and i had put the baby wipes away. dang it. ...and to think i have to do this tonite...half asleep...multiple times. i may start boycotting water.

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