Wednesday, January 30, 2008

is tonite the nite?

i went to the dr. yesterday.

the bad news: they had me start another 24 hr. urine collection
the good news: they cancelled it after only one collection---phew!

the bad news: my blood pressure was back up when i was in the office
the good news: once i went to the hospital for a non-stress test and blood pressure monitoring while laying down for an hr, my blood pressure was perfect!

the bad news: they are starting to want to induce me (i'm trying to avoid pitocin if i can)
the good news: the non-stress test said that the lil' guy is happy and healthy, one nurse guessed he was under 7lbs. (i don't know that i believe her, but i'm glad she didn't guess 10 1/2 lbs)

the bad news: i've been having constant cramping, but not real consistent 'contractions' per say
the good news: i'm 3cm dilated and 75% effaced
the other good news: it's snowing here (snow storms often lead to babies being born b/c of pressure changes)

...maybe tonite will be the night....


Emily said...

fingers crossed....

anyes said...

Fantastic...I will think of you watching the snow coming down !!!Good luck..Let me know soon...and i will drop some stuffs over the weekend for your freezer !!!! Com'on littl guy !