Saturday, January 26, 2008

evening primrose oil

i had never really heard of the stuff before a few weeks ago. thanks to jeannie for discovering it & giving me hers after she had her baby last month. it's supposed to be taken a few times a day to help gradually thin the cervix, to help induce labor and make the process a bit easier. i started taking it a few weeks ago, after reading up on it a bit more. some of my pregnancy books talk about "taking it" and some talk about "inserting it to the cervix"---i haven't been able to deal with the latter as it comes in a gel cap and i just can't figure out how you'd get the gel cap to the right place, and then make sure it dissolves onto the cervix. if i had tried this method, i'm sure there's be plenty more blog material on it. low and behold, there's just this one lone entry.

so as i've been reading about it in my non-pregnancy alternative medicine books, it mentions it's used to treat sexual dysfunction in males. i hadn't thought much about that until, after i asked chad to pick me up a bottle at the store when he was out. after i said it, i chuckled a little bit, and he wanted to know why. i thought a bit about my 'honesty is the best policy' theory and whether or not this applied. i thought i could hold out, but the more i thought of setting chad up to go to the herbal pharmacy (where they usually know what things are for when you are checking out) to buy a bottle of this stuff that he knew he was getting for his pregnant wife, and the check-out clerk knew was for sexual dysfunction....i couldn't stop giggling.
yes i told him...and yes begrudgingly he still picked it up (though likely blushed a little)...though he thought maybe this was yet another case i could have held back on too much information.

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