Monday, January 28, 2008

bedrest is driving me to new extremes... i wasn't going to do a post on this subject, mostly b/c it's pretty darn gross. but against my better judgement, i sit here and write. so as that is said, read at your own caution.
we (well mostly my husband) he's been reading quite a bit of shel silverstein to the baby to be. so i do owe some inspiration to him (shel that is); certainly not for the content, but for the inspiration to write poetry about a topic a bit absurd (sorry shel).
they say pregnant ladies "loose" their mucous plug within a few days of giving birth. in my case, i laughed so hard, it shot right out. and so the poem goes...

Ode to a Mucous Plug
O mucous plug, o mucous plug,
You shiny slippery strange looking slug
When will I loose you, and where will you be
We are just here a waiting, as soon we'll be three
To pee in a bottle, was quite an event
Hovering in the bathtub, right there I went
When my husband walked in, on a sight not quite right
The laughter erupted, and You made Your flight
You shot to the tub, and down to the drain,
Our sanity again, will we ever regain?
O mucous plug, o mucous plug,
You shiny, slippery strange looking slug
"Oh honey...right here, right here don't you see,
This here, it's the proof that soon we'll be three"
My poor husband, my friend, shook his head in disgust,
"Honey I love you, but this here exam, is just NOT a must
O mucous plug, o mucous plug,
You shiny, slippery strange looking slug.
I turned on the shower, and You slid down the spout,
Now here we sit waiting, for this baby to come out.

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!! Congrats--I'm late in this comment but I hear the little man finally made his earthly debut. I'm so happy for you both and will see all three of you when John and I get back from vacation (after the 10th). Enjoy!!