Wednesday, November 28, 2007

travels from a pregnant lady...

my last flight as a pregnant lady was to a conference in boston. if i dare toot my horn briefly, i can say i was proud to have a talk accepted at our national conference (pre-pregnancy) not really planning for the fact that i'd be 30 weeks pregnant and traveling to the east coast. i decided to go for it, as i was sure i'd be fine. i took the 6.20am bus to the airport, got on the plane, and got into boston about 2.30 pm. i found my way to the bus and took it to the closest stop to the convention center. i'd been traveling for several hrs. and was a bit tired, but thought i could catch a talk or two before heading to the hotel. i met "jenni" on the bus who was going to the same place so we decided to try to find the convention center together. we got of the bus and tried our darnedest to find our way.

me: (thinking to my self) my back kind of hurts, and my suitcase is too heavy...while making light hearted small talk to jenni.
jenni: "i think we should go this way"

me: "ok"

boston: abrupt torrential downpour as jenni and i are on the street corner.

jenni: "i'm glad i brought my rain coat"

me: "darn, this umbrella wasn't broken before" (wind howling, me and my luggage soaked)

jenni: "lets run for it"

boston: walk sign read "don't walk" ...horns honking as jenni and i ran across the street

me: not really running, rather hobbling, my suitcase spiraling around & splashing thru puddles, my umbrella in hand but flapping in the wind.

boston street corner: friendly business men pointed us in the opposite direction to the convention center we had just walked away from vs. towards.

jenni and i: laughing at ourselves, a bit wet, and a bit disgruntled (at the pregnant one of us was).

...despite boston's inconveniences, her multiple subways and buses to get between my hotel and the convention center, her large convention center with sparse bathrooms for pregnant ladies, her long cab lines and expensive cab fares, her bone chilling wind and wet air, and her crazy drivers (our bus did a 6 point turn one day), it was a good time. my talk went well (though i did get winded after talking for 2 hrs and having a baby up in my ribs- jeez). i saw some amazing talks and was inspired all over again, and i got to see great friends (see laura below). ...and now i have funny stories (seems that i collect these without much trouble), and good memories.

...until next time boston...

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