Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 10 Things...

Top 10 Things that are Harder being Pregnant:

10. Breathing
9. Eating or drinking without spilling
8. Getting out of things like bed or the car or off things like the couch
7. Sneezing or laughing without piddling
6. Eating large meals (darn it- there's just no room)
5. Traveling in Boston, or really anywhere i have to schlep things and go multiple places
4. Sleeping through the nite (and i hear this will get tougher once the baby comes...huh...sleep has always been one of my skills)
3. Drinking enough water ("enough" is such a relative term)
2. Tying my shoes (i really thought pregnant ladies were joking when they said they couldn't tie their shoes--and my husband still thinks i'm joking when i employ his help)
1. shaving my bikini line, or for that matter seeing it at all...

Top 10 Things that are Wonderful about Being Pregnant:

10. We're having a baby!
9. Feeling him move (it's really bizarre, and a bit uncomfortable, but really wonderful too)
8. I've gained over 20lbs and my husband keeps saying how cute i am
7. There's always a conversational piece for friends, strangers, and everyone in between
6. We keep getting loot (though we don't know what to do with it all yet, it's pretty amazing how generous people are)
5. People want to rub my belly, and it's actually a good thing
4. I get to take the lil' guy to work with me, actually...he gets to go everywhere i go at this point
3. I get to take naps after work and don't feel guilty
2. My husband has been cooking dinner and doing all kinds of other stuff around the house
1. We're having a baby!

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Emily said...

you're having a baby!!!