Wednesday, November 28, 2007

last weekend get away?

chad and i keep hearing that once the baby comes we won't really get to have the weekend get aways that we have come accustomed to throughout the last 7 years together. we're still not sure that we're willing to believe or accept this, but we took some advice and planned a weekend get away. thanks to chad's parents for some birthday and christmas money and wendy's advice to go away vs. get any more 'stuff' we decided on devils thumb ranch. for those of your in the colorado area, we would highly recommend this place. it's like a rustic resort. the cabin we rented was beautiful and simple, and other than the heated floors, the basket of fresh baked goods on our porch in the morning, the feather topped bed, i just loved the claw foot bath tub. we need to get one of those at's delightful!
anyway... the ranch had trails for hiking (not quite enough snow for snowshoeing or skiing yet), an amazing restaurant, and this indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub. the great part is that we were practically the only ones there since it was off season and mid week, so it was quiet and as if the whole place was ours. we thought the pool and hot tub would be romantic, but the hot tub was too hot for me and the pool was too cold for chad, so we waved to each other from across the deck and tried to hear each other over the jets :) ...chad had a great soak and swimming in warm water was lovely for me.

some pictures from our trip...

our late nite hike (we'll it was really only 6.30, but considering we went to bed by 8, it was late nite)

near the ice skating pond

Our Cabin...isn't she cute!

the fireplace in the restaurant

only in colorado do you see a caution sign like this...

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