Sunday, September 9, 2007

...chad the dad...(to be)

some of you may know about my husband's tendency to sleep walk, sleep talk, sleep argue, and sleep rearrange. i've gotten to know this through the years, beginning with chad waking me to tell me about a fox in our backyard (no where to be found) or about a neighbor (we didn't have) at our back porch, and so on. i've learned, not to jump up from my sleep state and react, rather how to remain calm and encourage him to fall back asleep...not that this always works, rather he typically feels he needs to be even more convicted to the fact of whatever it is that really isn't.
so i've also learned to accept it and fall back asleep.

the dreams come about once a month, but have been more prevalent ever since we found out about lil' pearson to be. it started at the beginning with chad's dream state being convinced that we were having triplets. he'd wake up in the middle of the night and stack the books from the night-stand into piles of three, making sure there was the same amt for each of the babies. he'd rearrange some of the artwork on the wall and one nite i awoke to find him carrying around the wrought iron candle stick looking for the right place to put it so it wouldn't fall on the babies.

some mornings i'd wake up wondering where my books were, or where our framed artwork had gone. we began to wonder if these dreams continued when we actually had the baby, we may wake to find him outside of the crib, who knows where. we decided maybe we should register for a "baby locator" vs. a "baby monitor." luckily, now that we've found out for sure that there is only one little fetus in there and no chance of triplets, the dreams least for a little while.

they restarted a few weeks ago, as chad was embracing his "care taking" roles during sleep. we were having a heat wave and it barely got below 80 degrees at nite, but chad would awaken to find me a bit uncovered and felt convinced that it was part of his care taking role to keep me covered. he'd cover me and whisper "i think you're all right now"...or "stay covered up in case 'they' come in"...i'd try to convince him that the down comforter was a bit too warm, and he'd "shhhush" me back to sleep saying "it will be allright"..."it will be allright"...
good think we're having the lil' guy in the winter, at least he'll stay warm at nite...even if we don't know exactly where in the house he is....

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Emily said...

That's hilarious (especially that "they" might be coming). Don't you do that whole sleep conversation thing too?