Friday, September 7, 2007

We're half-way there...What a kick?!?!?!?

20 weeks and counting.
this whole pregnancy was such a romantic notion...that is when it was happening to someone else. the first few months i spent a bit weepy, pukey and sleepy. while i was either sleeping or puking, chad was wondering what happened to his wife, and we both were this what we really signed up for?! the weeks have passed, and there's been some pay off along the way. chad listened to the baby grow with my stethoscope from work. we'd oooh and ahhh when he could hear "the baby move" and would spend a bit of time each evening, just listening away. it was one of our last dr. appts that we confessed to our efforts, only to be told that chad was not really becoming intimately involved with the baby, rather was just getting to know my g.i. tract really really well. who knew that you cant really hear the baby?! ...just all of the extra flatulence that pregnancy brings on. boy is it something. i have always blamed it on the altitude (at least in the last 3 years, living at high altitude and all), now i can blame it on being "pregnant in altitude." we've been anxiously awaiting to be able to feel the little guy kicking, and he's started to become more and more active. i keep grabbing chad's hand having him try to feel the little guy kick. He thought he felt him kick once, but now that i think of it, it may have just been some gas.

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