Sunday, September 23, 2007

little egg

thanks to my friend laura for reminding me to celebrate today, as it is the fall equinox....a day that marks the start of fall and a day of balance...wherein length of daytime = length of nighttime. so as i was searching for festive ways to take in the day, i came across an ancient rumor that some believe that you can balance a raw egg on it's end today. today being a day of mystical balance. ive read it does take some patience and persistance, so stick with it if you try. if you miss it today, try it again in six months on the spring equinox. (wonder if this is how eggs came to be associated with easter??) ...there are of course some critics out there saying that this is purely 'bad astrology' and i doubt i can convince my scientist of a husband to go along with the egg balancing thing without researching the data on such an absurd rumor, but heck, i'll still give it a try.
wonder if lil' egg of a pearson is standing on his head, or his rump.

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