Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pregnancy Tip #283

energy isn't something i've had a whole lot of these days...especially in the evenings. some people tell me they feel the need to eat for two, but more than that, i've been feeling the need to sleep for two. it can be a drag when there's so many things i'm feeling like i want to be doing. one of these many things had to do with making a batch of cookies for two of the sets of new neighbors who moved in. they both moved in over a month ago, but hey, it's taken me a while to get enough energy to get the baking force together. so earlier this week, i finally decide to muster up the energy to make my infamous carlee cookies, which i've ad libbed over the years. ad libbing and baking isn't always a good combo, but it is what i do. so instead of all crisco butter, i add 1/2 peanut butter....butter is butter right? we only had the natural kind, so that was maybe part of the problem, but it still wasn't that far off the mark. we get to pregnancy tip #283 when i brilliantly decided that coarse sea salt would be just as good, if not better than finely crushed mortons salt. it's better on edamame after all. well, let me tell you what i've learned. coarse sea salt is in fact NOT a good alternative in baking cookies. the cookies turned out bland, but then with the occasional crunchy, excessively salty burst of flavor. i had decided 1/2 way through the DOUBLE batch of cookies i made that i could at least fix the "bland" problem, by salting the batter and continuing on. do i need to say, it didn't fix the problem. now we're left with 60 some tempting, but not so good cookies, that chad and i keep eating b/c they look so good, and still nothing for the new neighbors. maybe i can pop them some "welcome to the neighborhood" popcorn...i can blame the baking problems/cluelessness on pregnancy right?!

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